Tim Holtz

Here Tim Holtz is hard at work demonstrating techniques he uses all the time.  His table was always full of people wanting to soak up some of his talent.  While I was standing there watching, I noticed Tim's boots. Hey, they were well worth this shot!

And here are his boots! Come to think of it.......Tim's entire wardrobe was DISTRESSED!

Tiffany Windsor

Meeting Tiffany Windsor in person.  Chatted so much via FB & email........nice to met her in person.
What a sweetheart!

Ken Oliver

Met Ken while he was hard at work showing others how to create & bind a book.  I'll be working on some samples to show what I can create out of their wonderful projects.

The 4 Mustatoots

Our stay at the landmark Figeroas Hotel was sooooooooooooooo much fun.  I took lots of photos throughout the place.  I'll be posting them very soon now.  Here we are standing in front of these very ornate wooden doors.  They were gold antiqued.  My room-mates:  (left to right) Barbara, me, Roxi and Candice. In this picture we had just arrived & was very tired.  Fixing to go up to our rooms after this picture was taken.