Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CHA make & take

Just couldn't help sharing this with you. I'm a metal/jewelry lover so when I came across Tim Holtz booth.....couldn't help sitting down a bit & creating this necklace. So much fun to make!
On the way home from Chi-town we made a detour to RED LEAD for a visual treat & of course to BUY a few things. The way they have their merchandise out for you to buy was a treat in itself. You had the option to buy a lot or just a few charms, it was up to me as to how many! The visual artwork created out of the merchandise for sale was spectacular! I so wanted to take pictures but resisted. Also bought some handmade papers (3 sheets for $25 bucks) to make book covers with....they are just way to cool! Also bought a few more TIM stuff for special gifts.
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Michelle W said...

I like the word you choose:) I will have to make Robyn stop at Red Lead this fall. I have a twitter account and not done anything...I guess I need to use it I will follow you.