Monday, July 28, 2008


On our way back from CHA, we took a detour to RED LEAD. Posted is a picture I took when a truck wasn't passing by. The golden arch.....and I'm not talkin Mickey Ds either! Just knowing how the arch was contructed is awesome to know.

Oh the damage I could have done if money wasn't an issue! I did buy some AWESOME handmade papers though (a weakness of mine) to make some striking handmade books with! Of course the paper wasn't the only thing I bought....FACE IT, I was in RED LEAD! I loved the total presentation of their merchandise. The samples made with the merchandise made you want at LEAST one of everything!

If I ever had a store front......this is how I'd like it to be. Very inviting & eye candy galore.
If ever a chance comes up that you are able to pass ANYWHERE close....RED LEAD is THE place to visit.


Michelle W said...

Just think in a couple of days we'll have alot of it available in our own back yard.

tricia said...

picture turned out great. i glad you enjoyed it.