Thursday, September 4, 2008

Artistic Outpost & RockCandy Pendants

I just love it when images & products work together! Bravo Artistic Outpost & RockCandy!!
Both the pendants above are from Artistic Outpost & stamped on Stampbord material with black Stazon ink. Ranger dye were used to stain the background inks: Butterscotch & Bottle, thinned drastically with water. With a water brush, brush on light color first, follow by darker color until desired effect wanted. With a scratch tool, scratch your highlights where you want them. Coat with a water based polyurethane & let dry. What I noticed in my pieces were the sealer seem to make my white highlights disappear. My background colors also seem to fade. So back to the studio they went. After looking at them I decided to put Stazon perm inks to work! Using a tiny cotton ball in a holder tool, I added Mustard to the background along with Saddle brown. The punkins were given a new shade of Pumkin Orange & Green for the tiny stems. I then re-scratched my lines giving them the proper highlights they needed. On the Keeper image I used the Stazon Teal, Mustard & Pumkin Orange........For a finished look, I found a trim from RockCandy to use but it was too wide thus covering my images too much for my taste. SOOOO, using my small scissors & a good light source, I cut the scallop trim from the base & used the now thinner trims on my pendants adhering with Beacon's Zip Dry. Using a small drill bit & very LOW speed, I drilled the holes in pieces; added a large jump rings & chains. I was going to add more beaded hanglies but they seem to settle on the top of my off they came.
When rotating my pictures, they seem to get squatty....but aren't in person!
How do you get the images to sit side by side? AND, when adding a picture, commenting, adding another picture, more that order instead of all at the top? Thanks & Enjoy!


Michelle W said...

hey...i think robyn and i need necklaces for you know where we can get some???..i think the bird would be great:D

Cyndi Watkins said...

Ronnie, these turned out great!

Subriagirl said...

I don't have the bird plate yet but will find something to stamp. Out of all my won't be a problem! That's 3 for the show & yours to keep of course. Down Dianne, I've not forgot sweet lil you!

Candice Windham said...

Whoo,Hoo, Ronnie! These are great.
I used the scratchboard on my box from satmp club and sprayed it with Krylon Triple Thick glaze. The whites seemed to pop a lot more than before I sealed it. I love this stuff....just haven't had one more minute to play it with it.
You are doing great things for AO and RCS! Thanks for the promo!!!!!!

Kelly said...