Sunday, November 2, 2008

Creative Saturday!

With the Orphan Works Bill looming before us in the future, all my images will feature my email & business name. I will be working on a watermark image to further protect my images. Simply slapping a (c) for copyright on it will mean practically nothing if this bill passes. Explanation over. On with the FUN news!

Three of us from Artistic Stampers of Jackson were able to attend this special class taught by none other than Candice Windham of Windham Designs. "Creative Home Arts" picked up this book by Candice & it will be featured on the front cover of the December issue! Can't wait to see it in print!! Way to go Candice! About 15-18 students had more or less the same materials but EACH book turned out so different. I wish I had taken pictures!

Of course I had to decorate the INSIDE.....would you believe I'm not through with embellishing it yet?

15 ribbons were tied to the spine & a gold bell knotted on each end. This book really "jiggles" when carried! The bells make for an elegant & Christmasy look. Don't you think?

I pretty much finished my book.....just a few extra touches to polish it off. RockCandy was used to embellish parts of it.......more to come!


Dianne Adams said...

Beautiful book Ronnie. Love those jingle bells.

Michelle Wilkerson said...

i painted my bells saturday when i got home..i will post my pictures when i complete mine..great seeing you sat...