Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I know you didn't think I was going to show you ...... HAHA Rest assured, it's NOT my bath time I'm showing ya's!

Before I retreat into my art studio, I felt the need (as my dear LITTLE brother reminded me in an earlier comment) to update my blog. I had camera issues or would have gotten these posted a lot sooner.

Some of my bestest pals are in CA at the CHA show. Way to go Roann on your first time in the Design & Licensing area! Brave soul!! I'm sure your calligraphy talent WOWed the publishers, etc. Then there's Candice, who while tooting RockCandy Studios, managed to set up a Designer's Showcase! Phew, and I thought I did a lot! Then, of course there is Roxi......geared to make unique contacts for RockCandy so all of us have the BEST of the BEST to use in our artwork. Of course they finally TOOK time to take a few classes......whooooo hooooooooo! Can't wait until you get home & rest a few hours to talk to me. haha I've kept up with Bernie, Claudine, Lauren, Debra, Crafty Chica and sooooooooo many more of you who are at the CHA show having the time of your lives. Why Lauren was so excited she took a picture of Paris Hilton who is into scrapbooking.....who would've thot?

Here's Sammy! Sammy's in the hood! Nah, just a towel used to dry him off. He LOVES being dried off....wet feet coming in from outside counts! Sammy simply detests baths.....but since he sleeps in our bed....bathing is very important!

Ok, so I was a day late on giving the pups a bath, but they got one! Try to pick a warm day during winter time. Did they like it? Heck NO as you can tell from these pictures. Sammy is a part Sheltie & Min Pin and Subria is a long haired Chihuahua. Sammy will be 3 years old this October and Subria will be 11 years old. She's my little heart while Sammy is my snuggle buddie.
I tried to photoshop Subria's eyes.....but decided against it. It's like you can see through to her little soul. Weighing in at 9-10 pounds (okay, she's a little chubby her doc says--8 pounds is her ideal weight) she's worth her weight in gold.

Sammy & Subria have provided me hours of ART fun. Their images are always a joy to work with.......

Speaking of artwork.....I've got some jewelry to make!
Can anyone tell me the pros & cons of selling on Etsy?

Until we meet again......and no ugly, I won't be so long in posting the next time!


Michelle Murphy said...

boy you have been busy..it makes me happy that our friends are having such great luck at CHA

Dianne Q Adams said...

You photos are too cute! I'm with you...I can't wait to hear how CHA went. When do they get back?