Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Birthday....all day long!

Ok, it's the big 50! The number isn't really affecting me much.....I'm just so happy to be given a chance to make it to yet another year! I feel sooooo young at heart and that's what counts!

Van seems to think my birthday begain Saturday morning.....pampering me so!

After supper out last night here's what we faced when we arrived home....... READY?

This picture speaks volumes!

Needless to say I'm so sure Sammy had a GRAND time pulling one tissue after another out of that tissue box! I couldn't help but smile as I took this picture. Critters can add such interesting feeling to an ordinary life!

After church, my kids met Van & I at Red Lobster for lunch. Wonderful! Of course the table was decked out with OVER THE HILL gifts & cards.......yep gotta love my family!

To finish up the night, supper with our dearest friends of 30 years.
Now what more could I have asked for?

I am very Blessed indeed!


Michelle Murphy said...

sounds like a good day!

Dianne Adams said...

Happy Birthday Ronnie!!! I didn't realize that we are both 1959 models. Glad you could spend the day with the ones you love.