Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SNOW, Snow, snow!

Today we were "snowed" in......hey, a day off was greatly appricated! I worked on photographing my jewelry & also had time to create MORE. I designed some new ideas that turned out great. The latest designs I'll have to photograph tomorrow....I ran out of daylight!

I worked in Photoshop Elements 5 & learned some new techniques.....will practive more techniques so I can make the most of a photo! Here's a sneak peak!

Of course when I got good & into my creative streak, the doggies had to go out to relieve themselves..... so up I got & went for a "short" walk. It was so much fun watching Sammy root around in the snow coming up with a little triangle of snow on his wet nose. He never kept still long enough for me to get a picture of that! Our daily walks take us into the field/woods when it's not too wet. It's amazing how close the deer get when we're not looking! Of course, Sammy runs around wildly as if on a deers' scent.....

Subria loves putting on her pink princess jacket with little quilted hearts sewn all over the back... she keeps nice & toasty, but does nothing to keep her little feet warm. She owns a rain coat as well, but no hood to keep the rain out of her face (not that she'd put up with that long!). People driving by slow down to check out what she's wearing from day to day...haha

In this picture, Subria is looking for Sammy. After a bathroom break, we took a little ride to the Mifflin General to get breakfast & cau-fee (as Lauren would say). A short ride, but they LOVE to ride in the car......cold or hot.

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Michelle Murphy said...

you lucky girl..i worked even with the the puppy the pink and black set..stephenie will flip when i show it to her:D