Monday, February 2, 2009

The last of the SNOW

The last of our first fallen snow. I couldn't pass up the chance while walking the dogs one morning to snap these shots. This first one shows the snow neatly piled up in the little forks in the tree.

The picture below is a very close up of a brick with ice on it. If you look close enough you'll see spider cracks in the ice. So very interesting!

Same brick at a different angle. It contained only one icicle. Again the picture doesn't do this shot justice. Perhaps next time?
Hey Subria did you get in this post? :-)
She gave me a POSE so here she is......although she's not a huge fan of snow.......she will at least check it our & then give me her opinion on it. haha

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Dianne Q Adams said...

Ronnie..let me try this again. Blogger is giving me fits this morning. You photos are great. Subria girl is so cute and I love the icicle shot.