Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sammy's Story

You know me because mama keeps writing and posting pictures of me on her blog. I’m special cause she keeps telling me I am. Two and a half years ago, my human parents found me living outside in a barrel with my birth mama. I had six brothers and sisters. One sister died when her neck got caught in mama’s chain when she darted out running. One little brother died somehow, I can’t remember why. Slowly, one by one, my siblings were taken from me and mama. One day there was just me. One day as I was running around pestering my birth mama, these humans came by. It was really chilly outside, temperatures to dip below freezing that night. The man took me into the yard and played with me. The woman kept picking me up & cuddling me. It sure felt sooooo good and warm! Within 10 minutes, they had fed & watered my birth mama & picked me up & tucked me a nice warm coat. That night was the best night ever. My human parents rescued me! I was five weeks old with a full tummy and a warm place to sleep. My name is Sammy!

Ronnie here: Sammy is our first "rescue" dog. It won't be our last! We have learned recently that Sammy’s mom has had 2 more litters since he was born. The owners refuse to spay her. We are maxed out critter wise: Subria is our 10 yr. Chihuahua, Gremlin is our 12 yr. old feline presence, and of course there is Sammy at a whopping soon to be 3 yr. old! I can’t imagine our lives without our little four legged family members! If I had the land, the energy, the help and tons of money, I’d be doing just what Bernie Berlin of Tennessee is doing……. read on!

A sweet-heart of a gal by the name of Bernie Berlin of Tennessee gladly puts forth the labor of love when it comes down to keeping our furry friends safe & well. Bernie, along with the help of a few faithful volunteers, keeps “A Place to Bark running as smoothly as possible with donations from friends & strangers alike. There is ALWAYS a need for food, pet crates, pet bedding, medical supplies, vet bills, etc. to keep up with the demand of caring for so many animals. Many animals that are rescued from conditions so horrible that the mind has trouble comprehending how any human being can be so cruel to God’s little creatures. Bernie visits the kill shelters regularly to rescue as many dogs & cats that she can, but not all can be saved due to the expenses that go into running an animal rescue shelter. Bernie & her volunteers have saved over 500 animals in 2008 from death through animal control. She needs OUR help to continue to save God’s little critters.

Visit Bernie’s site “A Place to Bark and watch the videos in which you can see for yourself how wonderful her place is and how the mistreated animals are thriving with love poured out on these little yappers! There is a dog at Bernie's to suit anyone's personality!

The Zoline Foundation has offered up a matching grant for the 2009 year. If they can get to $10,000, they will match that amount! Every donation, no matter how small or great, will help out tremendously. You can donate via the web through the new 6 Degrees badge for “A Place to Bark”. You can also add this badge to your website to keep spreading the word.
My challenge to you: Donate: $5.00, $10.00, $25.00, $50.00 ANY amount will help!

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Michelle Murphy said...

it just breaks my heart that people have animals and don't take care of them..i know that sammy loves you guys for loving him..but it is sad what he went thru in just five weeks before you can along..a place to bark is a cool rescuse center