Monday, April 27, 2009

My little girl.........

Well, perhaps not SO little now.........seeing as how she turned 28 past Friday!

Jeff called Asahi in Jackson (Japanese Hibachi Grill) where 15 of her friends & family surprised her. It was so funny.......I had backed off calling her ALL day to wish her a Happy Birthday in fear of spoiling the surprise.....she has a way of needling surprises out of people! Jeff had taken the day off of JC Audio to take her a movie. Afterwards, KNOWING she'd say she wanted to eat at Asahi for dinner..........good thing he KNEW what she'd say.....15 of us were waiting for her, for her as she walked in the restaurant. One of the main guys there is a personal friend of Jeff & he came over to the table to give her a hard time.

When Jamie saw Van & I sitting on the PLUSH leather couch, she almost started crying! She had kept telling Jeff that WE hadn't called her that day to wish her a happy birthday.....that we had forgotten all about the most wonderful day in our lives when the world's perfect child was born........folks, THAT IS HER EXACT WORDS! Jeff kept telling her......well if you haven't heard from them by 8pm.......just call them & remind them that it was her birthday.

Van & I got to sit next to her......good thing, we didn't know WHAT to order! I'm not that wild about sushi but then I've never really given it a chance.....thinking it's all raw meat. So not true! We ate all kinds of sushi from around the table. We also got to know about Etamimame pods.

After supper, we stood out in the parking lot talking to everyone.

So that's my story & I'm sticking by it! My BABY is now 28 years old!!
My perfect, adorable, beautiful, strong, and oh so lovable little girl!

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Michelle Murphy said...

i have tears in my eyes..she has a good it sounds..btw where does the go..happy belated birthday jamie