Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Timely Encouragement

Have you ever had times where someone says just the right thing to make you feel super duper good? Makes you feel like what you do is so worth the effort? Well that happened to my husband Van yesterday. It was a case of "Timely Encouragement".

Van has been borderline diabetic for several years now. Last month, Van crossed that diabetic border. After a visit to a dietitian two weeks ago, he was put on a low carb diet. Now when your spouse goes on a diet, it pretty much means the other spouse has to more or less follow........screaming all the way. Oh well, we're both overweight so it won't hurt us one tiny bit.
Now back to yesterday.... We went to Milan, TN to visit my nephew's store, only thing, he wasn't there but my sister-in-law's sister was at work. Van loves to sneak up on her & make her say a few 'not for the weak' words. We talked a little while when she backs up & takes a second look at Van. "Baby, you've lost some weight!" Van grinned from ear to ear and I swear I could see him puff that chest out & to a tummy tuck at the same time! He's lost 10 pounds!! Got him to go to a weigh in meeting I go to once a week (mind you, he didn't STAY with a bunch of women.....haha) to do a quick weight check. After 2 weeks he's lost 10 pounds eating healthier than he's ever ate in his life. Other than the weight loss......his daily finger pricks have netted him a normal blood sugar level! He goes to see his dietitian in about 2 more weeks where she will alter his diet some to keep him off guard.

I am VERY PROUD of my man Van. It's my duty to assist him in this phase in his life because I want him around for a very long time!

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Michelle Murphy said...

way to go van..boy if all could just keep making the wise choices in our food..we all would be better off..ronnie you are a great wife being there and supporting him in these choices..