Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mini Furkids Scrapbook

While in Atlanta attending a scrapbook convention as an assistant to RockCandy Studios, I was able to sneak in a class......and of course it referred to critters! Anyone who scrapbooks loves to take their time....but in a class, it has to be FAST paced to get everything done in 2 hours. Soooo with all that being said, these book pages (MINUS pictures & comments) were completed in 2 hours on the DOT. As many of you (and YOU do know who I'm talking to) know, class projects, if not completed fully in class, don't ever get completed! Well, I'm happy to say that after a YEAR, I ran across this little jewel of a book & finished it just a few minutes ago!

Using 4 paper bags, this paper bag album was created. In class, we had all the elements to decorate our pages with LOTS left over! There are 4 pockets in which I plan on adding more mini albums that will TUCK into this one. No room will be wasted!

For those thinking I'm NOT done, I beg to differ! I'm DONE with the album's just I can't leave a space untouched!

Now for the pictures!


Michelle Murphy said...

cute book..i am so glad that you mentioned me on your blog:D

icandy... said...

Oh yeah... "2 cute"... this turned out great!

Christina :)