Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesdays Creations

Somedays my muse is so active that it's hard to keep up with her! Such as the case Monday & Tuesday! Today my muse is already been active and it's just now 5:30am! I'm on vacation this week so it's nice that my muse is so active.

I've got several other things on the drawing board for today. Even though I'm off work, I'm going in from 6-7:30am. I'm designing wedding Bridal & Wedding rehersal invitations to finish for a friend at work; pay any bills that may be in......etc. I don't mind, I love my job!

My brother, Danny & his wife Donna, bought a house yesterday here in town!! I'll be helping Van rekey the house & lubricate the locks. Van & I are Tennessee Licensed Locksmiths so we help out family & friends all the time!

Okay, dress for work, get some things done........then head home & let my MUSE go! :-)
It's gonna be a GREAT day!!

Loved creating this necklace, bracelet & earring set! The stones are simply stunning together. Necklace is 20" long; bracelet 7.5".

Same set but on a different background. I must get a handle on photographing jewelry! These are some of the stones/gems I bought at the Intergalactic Bead Show in Memphis.

This set is so much prettier in person. If you like PINK, this is for you! Made with metallic pink clear beads and clear pink swirl beads. Spaced with Bali beads. This necklace has a really nice weight. This set has a necklace 30", bracelet 7.5" and earrings. Can be sold separately if needed.

What a beauty this set is! River shells discs are used along with asst. sizes of jump rings. For that added sparkle......Ironite bicone Swavaroski crystals on the pendant & the earring.

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Candice Windham said...

Boy, your muse has been in overdrive!These pieces are great! I especially like Riverdance. Just gorgeous!