Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beaded Crocheted Necklaces

Crocheting with WIRE & BEADS! What a wonderful combination! I can thank my friend Glenda Logsdon for getting me started with knitting & crocheting with WIRE!
After working with 28 gauge wire, this is what I've come up with. Hope you enjoy.
Assorted hues of blue make up Ocean Waves. This was my first attempt at this new technique. Wasn't pleased with the clasp I used but have changed it on my next pieces.

Festival is a beautiful piece created with 28 gauge gold plated wire that really sets off the beads used. These colors are truly stunning crocheted with the gold colored wire. After the Festival, a siesta isn't' that far behind.
Harbor was created with some mixed beads I had on hand. Mix matched & tossed in a container with similar sizes. When I used the beads crocheted on silver colored wire, the colors made me think a peaceful harbor with seagulls flying in for a visit.

Party Time is just that...a celebration of color, no rhyme or reason for the selection.
I have fallen in love creating these beautiful necklaces!
Love to hear your comments!


Linda said...

Gorgeous! You are so talented. I have just got to learn how to do this. I also want to learn how to do fused glass. Is that something you've tried? You truly have a gift.

Subriagirl said...

Thank you! Ah, fused glass. I've got so many other things going right now I've not invested in this artform. There is a small microwave kiln available at Hobby Lobby (as well as all the other materials you'll need for this). Diamond Tech puts this out. I saw it in action while at the winter CHA show....only draw back is it fuses one piece at a time. A major plus, the piece is fused in less than 2-3 minutes & cools down quickly. Check this out...... this may be what you need to get started!

Michelle Murphy said...

love these. great new ideal.