Friday, October 2, 2009

The Missing Crystals

Once upon a time, I sat in front of the computer making out an order for precious gems from Artbeads. Yes, my eyes were glazed over, but I managed to pick out enough gems to create 3-4 jewelry pieces. Oh boy, the order was placed! Now the waiting begins. Artbeads rec'd my order & had it shipped Sept. 14th. Well now, I waited & waited......waited & waited some more. Finally I contacted Artbeads to let them know I hadn't rec'd my package from them (wonder how many times they've heard that story?). The communication was outstanding. Artbeads resent my order.

Now, the REST of the story!

Last night (Oct. 1) I sat on the front lawn with my two dogs while watching planes fly overhead, crickets chirp, cars passing by, neighbors going in & out of their houses.

One neighbor, a nurse who works night shift & sleeps all day was one of those people going to get something out of her van. She sees me in the yard playing with the dogs & shouts, "I have something for you, does ARTBEADS sound familiar?" I stood there looking completely stunned. She then said she'd bring them right over as she headed to work. Needless to say, I WAITED for her.

She drove up with a package from Artbeads (alas, the MISSING package). Seems the mail carrier left the package in her mailbox instead of mine. I looked at her in disbelief that she would hold onto my package so long. I told her that I had been waiting for the package since it was mailed out on 9-14. Told her I had contacted Artbeads about the lost order & that they were sending out another one. She apologized profusely, then headed to work. Okay, shake it off Ronnie....the little white padded envelope brought me back to reality & I got all excited (I know, it doesn't take much!).

The dogs & I went into the house with the package from Artbeads safely in my hands. The grass went flying off my heels as I darted across the yard & into the house. Ooooppppsss, forgot to keep the door open enough for the dogs! Sammy & Subria safely inside.

I opened up the outer package to find a beautifully wrapped gift. A sticker with the name of Artbeads sealing the gift tight. Opening the package carefully, a business card was exposed, then the beads and lastly a free subscription to a beading magazine. How wonderful! Every bead was packaged so carefully in little crates to keep them from rubbing while being transported. BOY o' BOY! I've got WORK to do!!!!

Getting my sketches out (I designed with these particular beads in mind), I began to work. Earrings done. Pendant drop finished.....working on the chain to hold the pendant. It's turning out beautifully. The crystals are making the piece pop! Oh the shine from Swavorski crystals is spectacular!

Today is FRIDAY. My motorcycle class for this weekend was canceled so I've got all weekend to work on building my jewelry inventory back up after last weeks shows! I'll also be working on some mixed media necklaces and whipping up some Swavorski dreams!


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