Saturday, January 30, 2010

CHA Global Display

Here is a picture of my Global Display behind glass in the Global Lounge at the 2010 Winter CHA show in Anaheim, CA.

I contacted Dove of the East in Hong Kong for a few samples of Jade for the display. To my delight, Doveen (owner of Dove of the East) sent via Global FedEx, a box full of goodies. Doveen sent everything in the display you see here. The pieces of Jade were made into a necklace, bracelet, and earrings with more Jade left over! She also sent metal pieces, one of which you see in the picture, that added such a wonderful Asian feel to the whole project.

While walking the Trade show floor, I found Dove of the East's booth. Doveen was busy talking to someone so I turned slightly away from her so she couldn't see my name printed on my badge. The customer left and Doveen turned to me. I introduced myself to her & she gave me a BIG hug! We had lots to talk about in between customers. She hadn't see the Global Display yet so after we talked Van & I toured the Trade show floor. I returned a day later to see Doveen & she came up to me & we hugged. She said tearing up that the display was beautiful & she loved what I did with her jade products as well as displaying the beautiful chest & Buddha.

After the trade show was over and the display case dismantled, I was able to retreive the Jade jewelry. Van & I walked to the Dove of the East booth and saw Doveen for the final time. I presented her all the jewelry pieces for her to take home to Hong Kong. She was so overcome with joy she began crying. Heck, she almost had me in tears! Doveen handed me two packs of papers created by her. With these papers, I'll be creating a book using the papers, take photos of them and send Doveen the pictures to show her customers her papers can be used in so many ways other than just scrapbooking!

Thank you Doveen for donating the jade & making the Global Display a major success!!

Visit Doveen at: Dove of the East and look at all the special little embellishments & simply stunning scrapbook paper she's got to offer!!

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