Friday, July 15, 2011

Ava the Sleeping Beauty

Although professional photos are so nice neat & clean & posed, it's the daily life you should really try to capture. Those shots are natural, not so perfect and candid to say the least. Below, Ava's mama saw her little girl sleeping and grabbed the camera. When I saw this picture, I just knew I had to do something with it. Thus Sleeping Beauty came about.

Sleeping Beauty & Ava are in the Mandolyn font created by Duetica. When in their Design Studio you have the power to change EACH letter to suit your taste. Other than being an easy system to work in, your lettering will be pretty much a one of a kind since each letter selection is yours to make.

In photoshop, I selected the colors from around Ava with a color picker so the whole piece just blended perfectly. I wanted Ava's name to stand along (isn't it just the prettiest name?) and is in the Mandolyn font. The quote was written by an unknown so I can't give credit to that person. Small adhesive rhinestones glitz up the page......What Sleeping Beauty doesn't have bling?
Thanks to technology Duetica is making history in the font industry. Just love them!

Here is the completed piece, framed & ready to give Ava's mama! Since I don't have grandchildren of my own......I get to "borrow" my friends little ones! Sweet!

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