Friday, July 29, 2011


Swallows build their nests in the most awkward places......and I just had to show these little baby swallows not yet ready to leave the nest. BUT as you can tell they sure kept an eye out on me! Using my zoom lens I focused right up on those puppies......uh, birdies.

After looking at the pictures, I knew I had to scrapbook a page with them.
So using my trusty Duetica font design studio, I found the Floot font suited the occasion just great. A few tosses of scrap burlap, bling, flowers, buttons, twine, and swirls and the scrapbook page did the baby swallows justice!

Supplies to create this page!

Camera with ZOOM lens
Duetica Font Studio: Floot
Scrap pieces: burlap, textured paper, torn scrapbook paper
Acrylic bling


Pull out a scrapbook page, throw some scraps around, add a little story with the Duetica Floot font.......and before you know it...... you'll have your own little CHEEPERS looking at you!

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Anonymous said...

awww ... aren't they just the cutest!! Great picture with your new camera!! Deb