Sunday, December 11, 2011

Master Jamie Goff-Cantrell

Jamie & her dad, Van Goff

Van & I can't be more proud! Jamie began her college education at Jackson State Community College (where I'm currently employed)! I remember her graduating from JSCC & I was able to stand beside Dr. Blanding on stage & hand Jamie her diploma. This was only the beginning. Jamie has since attended Memphis State University to obtain her Bachelors degree and now through Bethel college, her Masters degree! Due to a teacher's ability to see the potential in Jamie as a senior in high school, and took her under her wing to guide......Jamie has never forgotten the teacher who cared enough to make a difference in her life. With every major educational milestone, Jamie sends this teacher (who has since retired from teaching), a dozen roses with the saying: You made a difference. Love Jamie Goff-Cantrell No doubt this teacher will be receiving a dozen roses sometime this week.

Jackson State Community College was also a beginning for Jeff Cantrell who studied & got his Associates in Business. He & Jamie opened up JC Audio 10 years ago in Jackson, TN. Jeff now runs the business as Jamie has gone into teaching the young minds of tomorrow. She is thinking of obtaining her Docorate but we'll see. That's FOUR more years of school! As for right this second, she's happy with her Masters & looking forward to Christmas break! No homework, at least for her; not the same for her students......and just to take a mental break.

Van & I are so proud of her accomplishments!

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