Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tiny Office Christmas Tree

Well, during lunch I decided to bite the bullet & buy a tiny Christmas tree for my office. After all, can't have me looking like Ms. Grinch now could I? Of course I had to show the little thing off with a picture! Why must my glasses always look 'crooked'? I'll fix that after the first of the year! New glasses!

Here is the little festive tree with two snowmen in a tub all warm & cozy like. Now, if anyone wants to add little "gifts" under my tree.....I won't protest. :-)

In my office I have a plant I rec'd after my beautiful sister-in-law, Pat Goff, died. The lily is about to bloom in time for Christmas. It's her way of wishing me a very Merry Christmas. I will always remember her love of the Christmas season, her house decorated inside & out with all kinds of lovely trimmings. And to hear her laugh at silly jokes; well, once she "got" them.... haha Oh how I cherish those memories. I love you still so much Pat. Thank you for thinking of me at this time of year.

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