Sunday, January 8, 2012

Letters, Journaling, Expressions

Journaling consists of letters. Letters form words that express wide ranges of emotions. A few of these emotions are: anger, happiness, fear, satisfaction, loneliness, contentment and so on. With letters in mind I took a different spin on the journaling aspect.
I love playing with letters, thus my love of the game "Words with Friends". I am challenged constantly by some really die hard friends who equally love the game. For these special friends who love the daily challenge of forming words, old & new, I created these earrings. The earrings form their first & last initials. Each initial is a wooden tile, hole drilled at the top & bottom, painted with glossy yellow paint, dangle attached, and earring findings finishing the piece
My hope is that these earrings will show these women, win or lose, that every game with them is special, exciting and so much fun. Each game produces words never before seen, much less heard of, so it's a constant learning process. The earrings are my little way of saying THANK YOU for challenging me through the process of word play.

Monday, these will go out in the mail to provide a Happy Mail day for these special ladies although if they read this posting, it won't be a surprise!
Now, for a traditional view of journaling!
This journal consist snippets of my family. The cover is a picture of me as a child, one of my favorites. As with most journals, they are always a work in progress. I'm always adding bits of fabrics, ribbons, beads, jewelry pieces, etc. to enhance the pages. This book is a small paper bag book, perfect with pocket pages to hide recipes or family secrets or simply MORE pictures!

Rubber stamp images have been used to add interest as well. On the page below is a picture of my dad in our locksmith business. Here I've used some Sizzix dies and grunge board. Torn pages out of a book lightly tinted with inks makes for a nice background.
My mother is an endless source of beauty for many of my projects. This picture screamed out for the use of antique lace so here ya go! I still need to do some seriously journaling on these pages, but you have to start somewhere! Wonder just what my mother was thinking when this picture was made? Ah, and I know just the person to ask! HER! I will record her answer on this page or in the small pocket just behind this picture.
These small journals are so easy to create & so easy to fill up without being overwhelmed with a large blank page to begin with. Creativity seems to just flow after you BEGIN.
Now, you ready to begin journaling?


Michelle Frae Cummings said...

beautiful journal! I love the vintage picture of your Mom in that beautiful dress and heels!

Melony Bradley said...

You have so many inspiring projects to show today Ronnie. Love the earrings

Candice Windham said...

Very nice!!

Einat Kessler said...

What an amazing project. I love the earings. very clever and creative.

Carmen said...

The picture of your mom is priceless!!! Your friends must have loved those receiving those fabulous earrings! Awesome!