Monday, February 6, 2012

Craft & Hobby Association Highlights!

While I wasn't able to attend the CHAW12 (Craft & Hobby Association Winter 2012) in beautiful Anaheim California, some of crafty friends did & sent back pictures for the rest of us to see!  Here I am sharing them with you.  Enjoy!

EcoHeidi & sister Tiffany Windsor did it again!  Over 5000 (yes, you read that right) painted & hand cut paper plates create the look of faux leather on this cool dress.  Notice the column just behind the model?  They did this too with paper plates!  You go girls!  Of course their mama's (Aleene) glue holds this all together!

 Ok, no one can tell me that these little pigs aren't the cutest things!  Angy Birds is still the rage with young & old alike.  Here the Styrofoam Booth had a wonderful display of them in action!

Brand new templates from the Crafter's Workshop!  Awesome!!

Hexagons in action!  What a peaceful this scene gives.  CHA Designer Susan Weckesser created this beautiful piece of art.

And take a peek at this beautiful work of art!  I'm a huge fan of Carol and count myself blessed as her friend.  Here at the Impress Art Booth, metal stamping comes alive.  What a wonderful way to personalize any piece of artwork!

Oh my, it's Mod Podge's 45th birthday!  Here Mod Podge bottles in the form of a birthday cake!  CUTE!
Happy Birthday Mod Podge!

WOW, I saved this one for last!  Mosaic boots with thousands of pieces of glass on them.  What an eye can't miss these should they walk past you!

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Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Great photos! I was there and it's nice to see some things on your blog that I missed at the show!