Friday, July 27, 2012

Creativity at Work

Date set, plane tickets bought for a wonderful trip to Ireland, I suddenly feel stressed!!

A year ago I began three projects for three special friends in Ireland.  Would you believe I've not finished with them?  Off the back burner they be FINISHED before our trip so I can hand them over personally.  Still so much to so little time.  It's a good thing I work really well under pressure!

That being said, my creative muse kicked in last night.  But did I work on those three projects listed above?
Why of course not!  I veered off course and ended up making some earrings that turned out amazingly well.

So last night's creative adventure begins now:

Working with ImpressArt is a pure joy!  Above is the hammer, steel block, metal stamp, and of course some brass to stamp on.

Next comes out the Artistic Wire, my Beadstrom 4-Piece Tool Kit from Beadalon tools, ear wires, jump rings, assorted back beads, and head pins..........and you have the beginnings to some awesome earrings!

Ankh:  With the ImpressArt metal stamp, I stamped the brass strips.  The Euro tool was used to punch the holes at the top & bottom of the strips.  After being stamped, the brass was colored with a black sharpie.  This fills in the little stamped images so they stand out.  Next, using an artist pencil eraser, I erased all the sharpie ink off the surface metal.  Added some bead dangles......wha la!

The Nile:  Once I completed one set.......I just HAD to create another!  Different of course!  Here is the same technique used minus the bead dangles.  The pictures do not do these pieces justice!

Exile:  Changing up just a bit, I used brass wire on these next two pieces.  Here I used brass wire to wrap and square beads.  Loved the way these turned out!

Boadisea:  Same wire wrap technique but with flat round beads at the bottom, round beads at the top, and a brass bead with a black center. 

Now, BACK to the three Ireland projects!!  Time is short and the work will be long.  A labor of love to be sure!


Cultivate Life in Joy said...

Oh got that Impress what you did with it...awesome work

Melony Bradley said...

love all the earrings! So exciting that you are off to Ireland in the near future