Saturday, October 13, 2007


Yesterday while at a benefits fair at JSCC I got a rare chance to hook up with a long lost friend!

She is one of the most creative women I know (and I know LOTS of very creative gals!). Over the years it's been my pure pleasure to see Sherri grow into a beautiful young woman who has never lost sight of what she wants. Through hard work & play Sherri will achieve great things.

I was so happy to learn Sherri is still sharpening her talents in the arts! You go girl!
I loved our "play dates" where we'd get together & just create a project from beginning to end. We'll get more chances to do just that in the near future.
Wonder how long it will take me to clear MY plate? haha
I love ya Sherri!

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Wilfried said...

Long time no seen is Wil in the Netherlands. Time to send some email and tell what all has happend in the past years!
Let me know if that is ok with you...looking forward to your reply at