Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Wonderful Moment in Time

We're all back from the Simply Southern Scrapbook Convention with a newfound experience in teaching large classes under not so ideal situations, packing class kits, etc. RockCandy Designs made their first very public debut! And I must admit the quality of their classes beat just about every class taught! Every evaulation had the highest marks I've ever seen given to instructors! The main thing counted off which didn't count towards the teachers was the sound noise due to the make shift classrooms being on the showroom floor. No ceilings made the noise unbearable at times but Roxi & Candice pulled off the best classes ever, regardless! Roxi ended up almost losing her voice (yes ladies, Roxi almost couldn't talk--imagine that!). Due to the stress/excitment of the whole event we all were feeling VERY worn out driving home. The whole experience taught us all ..... worth the trip in itself.

I met many talented artists.......Lauren being the one who stands out the most. Her character & wit is something to be witnessed firsthand. I'll have memories forever burned in my mind of Lauren! haha

I can't thank Roxi & Candice for letting me share this experience with them.

Here's a couple of pictures of YOUR teachers in action!!! All of these pictures are in class settings.
West TN has teachers to be proud of!! Expect these ladies to be on the National road very soon!
We can all say: We knew them WHEN!!! :-)
Bravo Roxi & Candice in a job well done & for all the future wonders in store for you both.
Thanks to Lisa Paine for a wonderful job with the embroidery work on the RockCandy Designs logo! You did a beautiful job!


Michelle W said...

Thanks for the snippet of the convection. I just knew when I got back from my spoil the grandbabies trip, I would see a post on Roxi's blog. I am still envious that you got to go. I can't wait to see you and pick your brian on what all you learned. Yes I will be glad to drop names when they hit the time and say I remember when.

Michelle W said...

OOPS! I just wanted to let you know that I have started a blog if you want to check it out. Here is the link http://makingofmoments.blogspot.com
No pressure just wanted to let you know since I am up there with the rest of my way cool friends.

Roxi Phillips said...

Ronnie...thanks so much for all the sweet comments...truth is...we couldn't have done it without you! You are the best roomy and the best assistant anyone could ask for! Don't tell anyone we worked you like a dog. Love you lots, R