Wednesday, January 9, 2008

CHA Bound in Feb.

I'll be heading to the CHA convention come Feb.!
Already signed up for my classes, of course Tim was SOLD OUT!
Since next year at this time I'll be getting ready to travel to may be July before my next CHA trip! I would like to attend Ranger U though later this year if my time permits.

I'm so looking forward to getting our CHA Display set up on the 9th!
The theme is "Mommy & Me"........crafting with mom. So much fun getting ready for it!

Best part of the whole thing: I'll be in the best company ever!
Traveling to CA with Roxi will be a blast......then rooming with Candice & Roxi while in CA will be an adventure you can be sure will show up in future art work!

A brochure is in the works to help us further peddle our art & get printed samples of it in the hands of many.

Wish us all lots of luck!!


Rox! said...

Did you post just for ME?!!! Thanks for the reading material!
~Your travel partner

Michelle W said...

Glad to see an update!! I have been checking it to see what's up with you.

I wish you all the best of luck in CA @ CHA.(There's got be a cutie jingle for this)I know that you all will blow them away,since I know all your talents.

Happy Birthday to my fellow January birthday friend. See at our birthday celebration.

Robyn Phelan Sharp said...

Good luck at CHA. I know you will get accolades that are truly deserved, and maybe a buck or two or three or 1800.