Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Place to Bark

Anyone involved in ART of any form surely has heard of Bernie Berlin! Bernie's heroic efforts to save the lives of our four legged friends is a miracle in action. Bernie has used her contacts in the art realm to raise awareness of animals in dire straights. Being an animal lover, I am passing along her website for those who wish to help. Bernie gives US a chance to help. A little help can go a long way & change a life! Please take a moment of your time to view her website. "A Place to Bark" is a private no kill rescue. http://aplacetobark.blogspot.com/ Every donation makes a HUGE difference in a little life. I truly admire Bernie's dedication to save these little creatures who depend on humans to make their lives, and ours, complete.


Michelle W said...

I like to know that there are no kill places for animials. I just love to hear wet nose Wednesday stores on WRVR 104.5 here in Memphis. I don't have pets, allergies, but I do think they should be treated kindly.

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