Monday, February 18, 2008

Art Friends / Non-Art Friends

There are two groups friends fall into. Artist friends & non-art friends. Artist friends are the BEST! Not only do they support you when you need it most but are also there to work side by side while creating together. They tend to "know" you better than you know yourself. Ask an artist what they think about a design and stand back for a truthful response! Being a Graphic Designer, you have to have tough skin......not everyone will like or love what you do......fact of life. The artist part is being able to change on a whim if need be.

The non-artist friends are for when you need to take an artistic break. You love both sets in a very different way. They can bring you back to reality when you need it most. Face it, when we create, we loose ourselves in the creative process.

I am very bless to have lots of friends in both areas! You can't live without either set. Learning from each one & every one is truly like a journey that never ends.

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Michelle W said...

I am honored to be in whch group you put me in.