Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Products

I will only scratch the surface when attempting to describe some of the new products & techniques that will be coming out soon! Some may be out on the market now....the mind just quits working when seeing so much EYE CANDY at the fingertips!
  • AMACO: Nothing new but seeing the technique used when dealing with Friendly Plastic makes you do a double-take. Seeing the demo of stunning Friendly Plastic makes very unique jewelry pieces! Upon finding my pieces (try finding them in my studio right now---I'd have to offer a reward!) bought years ago......I'm going to try again with a new mindset.
  • Adirondack pigment inks from Ranger will be a hit. I love the earth tones I saw! The richness in the formula is superb.
  • Flower Soft: From the UK is going to make it to the USA! These teeny tiny flower embellishments will add such an elegant touch to ANY project or card (think Wedding Roxi). Will be a wide range of colors......18 in all!
  • Needle Felting is making a huge entrance into the crafting world. After doing the demo, I can even make a felted flower LOOK like a felted flower! I love the ease in which demo showed and plan on beginning adding felting pieces to my projects.
  • Creative Crystals: Has some of the most beautiful Swavorski crystals eyes have ever seen. I bought a heating tool so I can stick the crystals onto my clothes to add that sparkle not seen with other gems.
  • Digital artwork is huge on the scene. The printers catering to scrapbookers makes the pages look so life like....something I'd like to try.....but since I still love the texture feel, I'll be sure to add lots of dimensional eye candies to make my pages pop.
  • Pazzels: What a dream tool for most crafters. Candice & Roxi will be very proud owners to their new pazzel babies due to them around the first of March. I'll love seeing what they will be able to do before I eventually buy one.... :-)
  • 7gypsies: They had an awesome booth as well as a really nice make & take it. I will be buying little embellishments from them!
  • Plaid: Ok, I'm all into jewelry so I simply adored this booth! They had make & takes that were awesome!
  • Ranger: I met Timmy baby who can make nothing ugly if he tried! He is truly a distressing master. I love their products there at the Ranger booth. I see more money being spent!
  • Diamond Tech: This booth blew my mind away. I've always wanted to buy a kiln but never could really justify the cost. Well now, Diamond Tech must have read about my dilema so they created (just for me I'm so sure) a glass fuser. Perhaps nothing much to get excited about but this one works in your microwave. Yep! I'll repeat that, it works in your microwave oven and it fuses real glass - to temperatures of 1500 degrees, glowing red hot and all beautifully fused. The process takes 2 - 3 minutes in total and then 20 minutes of cooling time. Hours less than a regular kiln, heaps less expensive and cutting edge technology. The fuser is a small device that takes glass pieces to around 1.5 inches square - perfect for jewelry applications. It's cheap too... you'll probably get change from $100 when you buy it retail. It will ship as just the kiln or a kit with kiln and glass starter packs. Now that's afordable!!
  • Fimo has a microwaveable polymer clay that will be out on the shelves soon! Talk about making our lives easier! Just amazing at how technology changes to suit our needs.
  • Studio Sculpy is making a very flexible clay; that means no more jewelry breakage for me!
  • Terra Bella: Check out their website for some really cool things. An artist's dreamland.

My mind is still spinning of all the things I didn't mention......but will as time goes on. When you see HUNDREDS of booths......your mind can only take in so much.

Okay, that's my report on the upcoming new products......


Michelle W said...

I don't know when I am going to have time to use all the new stuff I am going to need to buy. Since I am going to have to get that second job to support my fun. I do want one of the klins. I have always loved the look of fussed glass. I want jewelry made out of it. MMMMMMM maybe one of my good friends will get it and I can buy my jewelry from her.:D

Subriagirl said...

Ya got "friends" girl! I'll let you know when I get the kit.... think it comes out in March or July.

Roxi Phillips said...

Great summary of new releases! I think the microwavable polymer is by sample is at the diamond mines in Arkansas...working its way back to me!
It was so great to attend the show's to peanuts and soiled air! Do I hear a WOOHOO?!