Friday, February 29, 2008

Celtic Woman

Last night, Thursday, Van & I attended Celtic Woman live at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN.

WOW, the voices these young ladies have is truly a gift from God. I love the Celtic ballads they performed. Arriving in Memphis, we parked & headed to Beal Street for dinner. Lovely mouth watering ribs and what they called "cool" slaw instead of cold slaw! Got to the FedEx Forum in good time and took our seats. When I went to sit down, the gentleman beside me looked at us & said HI VAN..... out of thousands of people, we'd happen to sit by John Allen & his wife from Jackson, TN. Small world! Celtic Woman was bathed in beauty beyond words. The music was uplifting & soul searching at the same time. You left there in a different mind set totally. The seating was miserable but the performance was superb. This was my Valentine's gift to Van since I was on a plane heading home from CA on that special day.

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Michelle W said...

Aren't you a sweetie!