Tuesday, March 11, 2008

For an assignment, I was asked to give an oral report on an artist I found to be interesting. Looking through a magazine I found the name of George Peck. His unusual style fascinated me. His work is usually performed on un-stretched muslin fabric and clear plastic sheets. He slices up fabric pieces with a mat knife, rubs the pieces with graphite to form abstract designs then rearranges them to suggest maps, Chinese ink landscapes or the heavens/atmosphere. He uses a variety of fabrics, fibers and bits of papers. Peck's artwork simulate forceful action, sensitive touch, compulsive labor and simply a wistful letting go.

At the CHA show I got a chance to do a little 'felting'. While not new in the arts, it was new to me. George Peck's larger pieces inspired this piece. I stretched black screen in a frame, blackened the frame edges. I pondered what to use for the "wool". After doing a load of laundry, I KNEW what I was going to use. LINT! So with my make shift needle (a common toothpick) I began "felting". Inspired by George's large gallery pieces done on large clear sheets of plastic, it gave the appearance of being suspended in space. I wanted to do the same with my piece. I felted different colors of lint into the screen with my toothpick. I used graphite flakes to add texture & interest. The picture does not do this piece justice but I had to try to show it. Now I'm ready for my class report tomorrow!


Roxi Phillips said...

I want to see this piece with my own eyes. You are such a clever girl! Where's the felting needle they gave you at the show?

Subriagirl said...

I showed it at our club meeting & haven't seen it since. But working with the plastic mesh, the metal needle probably would have messed my screening up with the barbs....so a toothpick worked great. Still got to find my needle though!

Michelle W said...

Very interestng! Another use fir a common trash item. You amaze me.
See you and your art piece Sat.