Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Friend 2 Friend Mentoring Program

Peyton & Tucker

Through a mentoring program here in Jackson: Friend 2 Friend, I met a very lovely young lady. The mentoring director called me all excited and said she had just the girl for me to mentor. Said we had a lot in common. She couldn't have been more right! The mentoring program has changed since I last mentored: we get to spend quality time with the kids. Take them out to eat, to movies, etc. as long as the parents approve of course. This change in the program is terrific!

Van & I met Peyton this past Sunday. We went to Mickey D's for a late lunch then to see the movie: Spiderwich Chronicles. 2 bags of popcorn, drinks, candy, the movie was over. What a lovely magical movie. The flowers with their little faces & sounds were so enduring. Lots of artistic flair in the movie.....I kept seeing things I wanted to make. An example was the book of secrets with it's special binding. I wanted to freeze frame the dang frame & study it.

We all had a great time getting to know each other. Peyton & I have a love of animals, art, fantasy movies, and more that I haven't discovered yet!!


Michelle W said...

How do you find the time for all you do? She is such a cute. I have been bouncing the ideal around about looking into a mentoring program. Since all my babies are leaving.

Roxi Phillips said...

She looks like such a sweety! She's so fortunate to have you and Van in her life.