Saturday, March 15, 2008

An Outing With My Friend

After getting back from my ROTR club meeting in Memphis (thanks Michelle for the wonderful technique), I called Peyton for a few hours and toured the big city of Jackson. We went looking for some shoes but finding none in her size, it'll be an online order for the perfect shoes for Peyton. Maggie Moo's was our next stop. Neither of us had been to the ice creamery so of course we ordered the LARGE serving. What a lot of ICE CREAM! Too much for us to finish for sure. Of course an outing wouldn't be complete without a stop at Hobby Lobby (ok, that was MY stop). While there I ran into my CUZ from Bolivar! Lisa, send me the picture of us.....I forgot to get one from my camera of us together. We had a quick visit (had a little photo session, of course), left HL & headed to the mall. What would girls do without a mall to visit? We visited Claire's and of course spent a little $$. Here's a picture of Peyton & I. Isn't she a doll? :-)


Michelle W said...

I hope her week will better next week. I do understand the anger problem my son went thru it.

Dianne Adams said...

You've been given the "You Make My Day" award.

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