Monday, March 17, 2008

Games Played

A group of ladies will gather tonight for their first BUNKO game. I've made a bracelet (inspired by Tim Holtz) to be worn when BUNKO is called out. I made the clasp where it's easy to take off & put on arms as the need arises. At the end of the game, the person wearing the bracelet gets to take it home until we meet again for our monthly games. It's a time where the ladies can fellowship with each other while having soooooo much fun! I had so much fun making the bracetet. When I get it back - I'll have to BUNKO to get it - I'll be adding more to it. The pieces I found in my studio is what's on it now....but there are several other pieces I wanted to add.


Roxi Phillips said...

I wanna play!

Michelle W said...

I want to play Bunko with your group. The braclet turned out great. I don't know about your group but we sure do have a good time and eat well.

Have fun!!

Happy St Patrick's Day

Dianne Adams said...

Love the bracelet!