Sunday, March 23, 2008

Themed Project

Three canvases were to be used in this themed piece. Well now, this themed project took 9 I see extra credit here? :-) Of course Tim Holtz artwork was the inspiration for this piece. The canvas boards are 8x8 so I ended up creating the whole project out in the workshop instead of my studio. Let me count the times I had to run into the house for something! Tim's piece had different colors used but for some reason the colors didn't feel right for the subject matter I was using. ALL the materials mounted on the canvases are locksmith items. The papers mounted as the background are from a safe catalog. The keys you see are real and quite antique. I found a very old ruler that had Russwin/Black & Decker on it....that was my real find in the workshop yesterday! This project took HOURS to do......I just finished it up early this morning. I may get a piece of wood, paint it, and adhere all these canvases to it. Would be easier to transport and to hang on my livingroom wall!


Roxi Phillips said...

I REALLY like this piece and do plan to create something inpired by Tim's work also. Very nice take on his're da bomb, girlfriend!

Michelle W said...

I like the mono tone color scheme. It is a great piece. I must be the only on that has not done on eof these. I think I will put it on my list.

You do great work.

Dianne Adams said...

Ronnie, I love it of course. I bet it looks great (in beauty and size) on 8X8 canvases. Please send pics. when you get it hung.
Love it!

Megan Rublaitus said...

Ronnie, these are absolutely gorgeous!!!
I'm really digging them.

You inspire me.