Saturday, April 12, 2008

A journal prompt I couldn't resist responding to:

Write a list of 5 people you'd like to study with and why you like their work.

1. Tim Holtz: I love his style since it runs along what I love doing. By creating a day or two with him I would learn to "let go" more than I do & to expand my love of creating with found objects in everyday art & jewelry. I sometimes try to "think" too much thus ruining my end result.

2. RockCandy Design: I can't think of two artists who are as talented as these two. I've had the pleasure to be around them and to see their minds work. It's amazing what these two girls can come up with in a short amount of time. Again, I tend to "think" myself right out of a great design. To see them brainstorming in action is a sight to behold. Like Tim Holtz, I don't believe I've seen any BAD artwork come from this pair.

3. Roann Mathis: I'd love to take lessons in the fine art of calligraphy. Roann has become a master of her craft and is very evident when viewing her work. To be able to create the most beautiful flourishes with such ease is a dream of mine.

4. Lauren W.: I met Lauren through Candice & Roxi while in Atlanta. While at the CHA winter show in Feb. I got to see Lauren's Designer Showcase. Her handmade books are simply the best I've ever seen crafted. Hanging out with Lauren for days on end while creating books would be a vacation well deserved!!

5. Vonda Sisson: What a stunning artist Vonda is. Her work always leaves me breathless. To spend several days seeing artwork through Vonda's eyes would be another dream come true. Her work is as elegant as she is. Her passion for dragons has grown on me as well. I never pass up a dragon without thinking of Vonda.

How can I make it happen?

Heck, I don't know but several I've listed are very possible. Tim is out of the picture but the others on my list of things to do before I die!!!!! I've got a long time to go so I can wait out the toughest artist!!

How about you? What would your list look like? Make several attainable.


Michelle W said...

Good if we can just get those close to use to teach classes again....

Dianne Adams said...

Sounds like enough to make a good retreat! You could have all your wishes come true at once.