Friday, April 11, 2008

My hand in clay

I must admit working with clay these past few weeks in my 3D class has been fun. Our project was to create the forearm & hand in some kind of pose or gesture (clean of course!). The clay arm & hand were created in stages, pieces added together & seams smoothed. As the pieces are to be put in the kiln next week, the arm & hand & fingers had to be hollowed out. Imagine my dilemma when cutting off the fingers to my hand to hollow out the thin fingers! The arm was hollow already being formed in a tube segments. My hand is arched back with fingers up in a graceful pose. I was able to get the fingers back on pretty good.....looked better after than before. Reason for the hollowed pieces......clay when fired in the kiln can't have any air pockets or else the pockets will explode. We'll see how well my arm & hand looks after it's fired. The arms & hands had to be life sized or larger to make the challenge complete! I'll photograph it after it's fired. My teacher is wanting to use all the arms from our class in an outside art display. It will probably be next semester before that comes to reality but to think I took part in it will be awesome! Classes are over in 2 weeks now! All in all, I'll have to explore clay in the near future. I'm sure I can make some really cool jewelry pieces!

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Michelle W said...

clay would be a fun to use..kinda like all the molding clay from elementry school...not i might be able to do something reconizable :D