Thursday, May 22, 2008

Creative Break

Anyone needing a creative break just needs to turn to nature & open your eyes! The babbling brooks in the Smokey Mountains are a rush to the senses. A trip to Dollywood (Gatlinburg, TN) was in order as well. To watch the craftsmen & women are always a treat for me. Only an artist can appreciate the work that goes into their efforts. I watched a master glass blower & was totally transfixed on the vase he was creating. My last visit to a glass blowers studio was while in Venice, Italy. As I was watching that craftsman, he was creating a miniature horse with gold hooves when he looked over at me, the little horse broke off his anvil.....ouch. Wasn't my fault! My next favorite was the blacksmith area. I love working with metals so watching a true master of metal was a treat. Of course my better half insisted I ride some rides with him......the WET ones of course! After being shocked back into reality (cold water hitting the face does that) shopping was in order....

I can't wait for the Diamond Tech microwave kiln comes out! After watching the jewelry being made while in Dollywood.......I'm anxious to be started making my own masterpieces!

Now off to the babbling creeks located in the Smokey Mountains. More inspiration to soak up before heading home. I've been sketching ideas of items I want o create when I get into my studio. For today, I'm going to let nature speak to my muse.


Michelle W said...

Gald to hear that you have taken a little R&R. You sure deserve it. So is this your SENIOR trip:D I love going to place that have true artist and craftsmen/women.I like going to the blacksmith shop as well, the glass blowers, potter and lets say it all is great to see. I can't wiat until you get your micro klin either. I want to see how it works.

Dianne Adams said...

I love doing the artist's loop in the mountains. There used to be a RS store along with several other artsy stores at one of the stops. I can't recall the name of it now but an artist was in her studio painting the day we were there...loved it! Have a great time!