Friday, June 27, 2008

Singing Cowboy

Well, my little cowboy made it into "Take Ten" by Stampington! The colors are sharper than what is showing. All images by Artisic Outpost the Cowboy Plate. This plate was super fun to work with.
Ok, this is the game plan. Tomorrow is SATURDAY and I plan to spend most of the day in my studio. I plan on getting to WORK by 9 am. BUT that got it.......I will need to pick up my counter space to provide more than a 12 x 12 working space! You name's on that dang counter top! It doesn't matter that the counter is 8 feet long......I will usually end up working in a 12 x 12 space! So in the hours before dawn breaks (yes, I get up mighty early) I will spend that time picking up: bits of paper from around my cutting area, off the floor ~ ok, some drops along the creative process--give me a break here; brads that didn't find their way back into their holding containers; beads that keep showing up everywhere!; eye & flat head pins (makes me wonder what I was working on last to use them); pieces of fabric, ribbon, flowers, leaves, twigs.........oh my you get the POINT yet?
All in all.......I plan on getting at LEAST 4 projects completed & put aside for CHA! If time remains, I'll begin on other projects.....but if I don't get done, no problem, I would have met my goal!
After CHA, I plan on doing some MAJOR reorganization in that studio of mine! This will include putting up shallow shelves so I can put my new dyes & inks on, crackle paints, and, and and..... too much to put in too little space! I believe I can take out old furniture that isn't efficient & replace it with furniture that will suit my needs to a T. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
Tune in tomorrow! I will be posting a canvas piece that was used as a final in my painting class. It describes who I am.....I'll let you be the judge!

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Michelle W said...

God luck on deciding what will fill your needs. I think for now I have gottne my room all but a book case to fill my needs. I have found that shallow is better. i am still looking for a good paper storage. DH built me a cool ink stand on wheels and it id great.