Saturday, June 28, 2008

Artist Self Portrait

As promised, here is my rendition of myself as an artist. You will notice in the pocket is items an artist uses such as paint brushes, paint tubes - worn out of course, and other items. These are mostly items I used my last semester taking Painting II. Using Ranger fragments along with Glossy Accents, I glued the fragments on the picture & cut it apart. I arranged the fragments to show an artist being pulled in many directions. After all, aren't we? The flower has a picture of me during my Italian travels.......each piece on this canvas has a special meaning to me.
How would you create a rendition of yourself through artwork? Show me!


Michelle W said...

GREAT piece. U did great. Hope you got an A, if the teacher didn't give u one I sure do.

Roxi Phillips said...

Very nice, you clever girl, you! I'm sure this will be on your showcase...right!