Friday, July 11, 2008

CERT: Community Emergency Response Team

For the last few days this week, I've been at Union University training as a CERT instructor. CERT stands for: Community Emergency Response Team. In the event of a tornado or other disaster, CERT members help out in the community until First Responders arrive. CERT is an organized group of people trained to help locate victims, free victims trapped by debris with a method known as cribbing, putting out small fires, scouting houses-turning off water/gas as needed, grouping victims in degrees of injuries within the first 72 hours of a disaster. As the First Responders arrive on the scene, the CERT Incident Commander relays pertinent information gathered by the CERT teams.
August 12th I'll be teaching the section of CERT Organization to about 20 faculty & staff at Jackson State Community College. Since this course is roughly 20 hours, teachers team teach along with the Fire Department, Sheriff's Department and other CERT instructors.
I wish I had learned this information & had CERT teams in place when our own neighborhood experienced a F4 tornado. My house was one of 4 left standing on our street. Out of 50 houses, 35 were destroyed in that tornado.
This is a worthwhile cause......if you have CERT members in your community, I strongly urge you to learn from them and become an active CERT member!

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Michelle W said...

You didn't share this today.It was great getting to create with you today. Good luck to you on your CHA trip.