Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well, after YEARS of schooling, my daughter Jamie is beginning a brand new career as a 3rd grade teacher in Humboldt, TN. Tonight was open house so of course I took plenty of pictures of a classroom any child would be happy to step into every morning. Jamie's theme is ALOHA. Taking a day off work, I helped paint the WHOLE room the bright lime green. From the hallway you see a glow from her doorway. The district superintendent came by while Van & I were there & just gushed over her room & her enthuseiasm. Jamie's classroom is happy & lively. She is ready to teach the children of our future. The curtains, couch covers, cubbie hole covers, etc. were sewed by Jamie's mother in law: Sharyn. What a terrific team we all make when working together! We were all there to lend Jamie moral support as she begins her life long dream of teaching. Proud mama gushing here.


Michelle W said...

I do admire those feel the call to teach. My sister will be starting her 18th year of teaching. She still loves that each day she might touch a life of a child. Congrats to your daughter and tell her thank you for teaching the children of our future. She is luck to has parents and in laws that support her. So go ahead and gush MOM!!

Roxi Phillips said...

I wanna go back to third grade.... and get a new box of crayons to sniff.... :)

Dianne Adams said...

Love the lime green and I bet the third graders will love it too. I know you're proud of your daughter and you should be!!