Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sammy the Shredder

My name is Sammy and I'm a shredder. Ok, now I've admitted it publicly. I've tried to hide my destructiveness with just my parental units but the word is getting out so I've decided to just admit it! Seems my units think I have separation anxieties and I'll have to break down for once & say they 'might' be right. When mom leaves the house, I run out the doggie door to meet her driving along the fence. She rolls down the window & shouts "Wooooo Whooooo Sammy". THE search is on for things to SHRED. I do try to hide it....well I guess leaving my evidence in the middle of the front living room isn't exactly hiding, but hey, it's who I am. I started taking my treasures outside in the yard but as my parental units drove past the yard, they see evidence of my wrath all over the back yard. It's hard to hide things in the yard when you live on a corner lot! Ok, enough said about that. Mom says I have a wonderful quality about me...I love to CUDDLE! I sometimes forget that I'm bigger than my sister who is 30 pounds lighter and a total lap girl. Mom brought a toy box full of TOYS back from CHA! Why our names are even printed on dog bones at the top of the toy box! I take my toys out but they never seem to find their way back without my units picking them up! No matter what I do or get into, a good ole SAMMY KISS makes everything all right. Ah, life is soooooo good!


Michelle W said...

Sammy sounds like you have your parental units wrapped around your paw:) I have heard that they are really great and special units. SO I am sure that if you keep giving out those Sammy Kisses you will be fine.

Roxi Phillips said...

Don't tell your Mom I told you, but she says you could chew up the whole house and she'd still love you! Have you tried her favorite shoes? Might be tasty!