Wednesday, August 6, 2008


YADA Sisterhood: “Yada” is a Hebrew word meaning "to know” as in having intimate, experiential knowledge. “Sisterhood” is a group of women assembled for a common purpose. In short, Yada Sisterhood is a ministry to women with a purpose to increase their relationship with the Lord and to encourage their relationship with other women. It’s a ministry to ALL women. Any woman who wants to come is invited. It is not about denomination, race, color or background. It’s about God- it’s about women –and it’s about moving into a more intimate relationship with Him. As “sisters” in Christ, we are committed to linking arms and spurring each other on in our walk with Him through this unique and divinely given ministry called Yada Sisterhood. Above is a sample of earrings I made for door prizes. Yada's colors are pink & white.

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