Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finally STAINED!

Well this afternoon brought a final sanding session. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Got the stain out, gave it a stir, and began the staining process. Pictures to prove my efforts below.

Here is the end table, stripped of 2 coats of paint & varnish. Not a real pretty piece yet.

The stain did wonders to the wood. Still lots of imperfections but not a bad finish.

A side view. Geesh, I can see brush strokes in this picture. Oh well, it's almost done!
Now to get a piece of glass cut to the top measurements, beveled of course.

I will get a black piece of mat board cut to the top measurements to create my collage on.
Then the beveled glass will sit on top of the collage. This way I can switch from one collage to another without any problem!

All I can say about this project......I will NOT do this as a living!!!!


Michelle W said...

looking good

Dee said...

Ah! The results are looking good. Stripping is the hardest part. Glad that's behind you now! Dee

Dianne Adams said...

You did a great job Ronnie. It's alot of hard work but you've got something nice to show for it.