Saturday, September 13, 2008

Red Scarlet Muscadines

Headed down to mom & dad's house early this morning before the heat set in to pick muscadines. I can't describe the wonderful aroma this form of grape has! Got several recipes in mind to try, the first one is a Muscadine Pie. Will let you know how it turns out. The dogs had a wonderful time visiting their doggy cousins while we waded through the woody area picking muscadines off the ground & from the vines high in the trees. We picked about a gallon of muscadines. Mostly used in making wine, mom makes jam & jellies out of the berries. Van's mom used to make a muscadine cobbler of sorts.....but being old schooled, measurements were not made on any of the ingredients, leaving me to ATTEMPT the cobbler. Here's a picture of the berries we picked (some a little early-not completely red yet) so the whole picking is sunning out on the deck where this picture was taken. Anyone has any great recipes I might try with these? There's more on the vines for a later picking!!


Roxi Phillips said...

I think I'll pop the cork on the bottle of Muscadine wine I bought recently at a local winery! Thanks for reminding me!

Michelle W said...

always wanted to pick Muscadines, but never had the chance..sounds like a good day.

Dee said...

I would like to put in my order for muscadine wine, please. One of my fav southern wines! D