Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthday Surprise for MOM

Tonight my mom got a surprise birthday gift in the form of Sorghum Hill!! Many thanks go to Candice & Larry for helping pull this off! A while back Candice told me about Larry playing in a bluegrass band. Van & I finally got to hear Sorghum Hill play at the Old County Store & bought their CD "A Taste of Sorghum". We bought about 4 of them then along came their next CD of gospel songs. I gave mom these CD's and a FAN was born!
Sorghum Hill was having a jam session at Andie's house. All mom knew is that I was taking her out to eat. She couldn't fathom WHY we were pulling up to a house she didn't recognize to eat! I don't know for sure what she was thinking when she walked in & saw all the musical instruments. Sorghum Hill began singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mom! Needless to say she was stunned. Making sure this birthday was extra special, Phil (who writes most of the lyrics for the group) presented mom (Louise) with their brand new CD! In fact she's got one of the first ones! Inside the cover of the CD, each member of Sorghum Hill had autographed their names! I've never seen my mother GUSH before......but I did TONIGHT!

Left to right: Ed on banjo, Andi is lead female singer, Phil Cox - lead male singer & guitar, and Larry Windham - base. Here is Phil with the brand new CD in his hand, telling mom about how it came about.

Phil just handing over their CD to mom who is speechless!
Here is Dad (Carlton) & Mom (Louise) enjoying the private entertainment by Sorghum Hill!
Sorghum Hill jamming. What harmony they have! Just a special blend of music & voices that one must HEAR to enjoy!!
Mom & my sister Patti. Patti is home for Thanksgiving! She'll have a wonderful story to tell her friends in Dallas, TX when she gets home. Maybe mom will let Patti listen to HER CD. haha
Here is a picture of Sorghum Hill with mom. I showed her this picture when we got back to my house before they headed home. She loved the light reflection in the mirror saying it was her HALO. Oh boy.......what have they done! HAHA
Oh the way back to my house, mom talked of her younger days when everyone got through picking cotton & the usual farm duties & met at their house to have jam sessions. Her face glowed as she told us this. She said tonight reminded her of those happy days. Those grinning & picking days instilled in her a love of music that remains with her to this day.
Mom has had plenty of rare moments to cherish throughout her life. I'm proud to say that the time spent tonight with Sorghum Hill has been added to her "rare" moments memory bank.
Thank you Sorghum Hill for a precious memory!


Roxi Phillips said...

How precious these moments are! Congratulations on pulling off the special surprise! Happy, happy birthday, Mom of Ronnie, and many more!

Michelle Wilkerson said...

You are so sweet to do something so special for your Mom on her goes to show that not only those decade birthdays can be is good to have well connected to friends..Happy Birthday to you Mom!

Shelly Hickox said...

That is an awesome story Ronnie!

Dianne Adams said...

I'm glad you were able to surprise your mom! What a good daughter you are!

Robyn Phelan Sharp said...

sounds like you had a blast.