Sunday, December 14, 2008


I've started this update several times know the old story. Never enough hours in the day. I will post more later but this is heavy on my heart. Joining Artistic Stampers some 10+ years ago, I became a part of an artistic family. Well, Thursday, an Artistic Stamper joined the most creative group of all........Heaven. Becky Ligon had multiple ailments that kept her in horrific pain most of the time. The last few years have been the most painful. Doctors couldn't "cure" her as her body just wore out. I went to visit Becky in the hospital Tuesday. Jerry, her husband & I talked for almost 2 hours since Becky was too far gone to recognize anyone. I learned details about Becky I didn't know. Well, tonight, I paid my last respects to a dear friend. Becky is in peace now, of that I am sure. I will miss her dearly. She was superb in water coloring, ceramics, stamping & much more. I'll never forget her passion for lighthouses & seashells. Her little Chi, Paco, will miss her as well.......but will help in getting Jerry back to some kind of normalcy, if that is possible.
Our Artistic Stampers annual party was held Saturday. A memorial was set up for Becky, complete with candles, a ceramic Santa Becky created, and of course lots of seashells. Becky was among us. A donation will be made to an animal shelter that will help spay & neuter animals. Becky was a true animal lover.
A month ago, another loss was felt in our Memphis art group. The Memphis City Stampers lost a kind sweet soul, Mozelle Smith. A couple of the Memphis group made a lovely memorial board that was given to her family.
Surely no more losses to either club will happen in the near future.


Michelle Murphy said...

so sorry for your loss..

Dianne Adams said...

It sounds like your friend was a wonderful person. So sorry for the loss.