Thursday, February 26, 2009

Amate Studio's Prize!

YAY, happy mail day!

I got my prize packet in from Amate Studios & am just tickled pink!
Must add too that this is a VERY generous prize packet since I know every piece is handmade.
Will post the pieces as I get through with them for sure and show them here & send a picture to Amate Studios out of gratitude.

Well, I emailed 6 Wedding Projects today AHEAD of the deadline......believe it or not!
Now just to sit back & see if any of the projects sent in will be picked.......if not, I've got samples to submit elsewhere......always an outlet! I can RELAX & get some jewelry play in! YAY.....still tickled here!

Until we meet again!
Have a wonderful weekend.......snow or no snow!

1 comment:

Michelle Murphy said...

mmmmmmmm..i will take any of them:D..looks like you are getting ready for some fun:D